21 January 2023
Photo Challenge for the 2024 Calendar

The Clan Donald Society of Scotland (CDSS) is proud to announce our first annual photo calendar challenge.

The Society organizes this event for anyone who wants to contribute to a greater interest in the culture, environment and nature of Scotland, the country and it's people.

To this end, the Society is not only targeting its members, but everyone who cares about Scotland and likes to join in.

A large part of the proceeds will benefit causes that pursue the same.

Joining the competition is free for all ages and the number of entries per person is unlimited.

The entries can be your photographs of monuments, landscapes, famous structures, buildings, people or animals, Clan Donald, other Scottish clans, history: anything you think suitable, or you can enter images showing your artwork, drawings or paintings.

September 2022 

A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted some wonderful photos for the Society’s first ever calendar photo challenge. These will all be kept on file. However, it has become apparent that it wasn’t going to be possible to get the calendar to purchasers in enough time for people to send them, for instance, overseas other than by air mail. Better to postpone until 2024 and make them available by September 2023.

So, please feel free to make further submissions.

January 2023

Deadline for entries Friday 30 June.

IMPORTANT: Please read the legal technical notes.

The Society will select a winning image for each month and from these 12 winners pick one overall winner, who's entry will become the front page of the calendar.

All winners will receive a memento of their election and of course a free copy of the calendar!

The calendar goes on sale in time for members to dispatch copies around the world. Did we say christmas gift?

Legal business:

All persons who enter the competition are responsible for having full royalties and copyrights to the entered material.

By entering the competition you accept that the Clan Donald Society of Scotland (CDSS) can use your entries 100% royalty free for Public Relation activities, such as websites, posters, banners, calendars, merchandise, video's, slide shows, (powerpoint) presentations, media publising etc.

CDSS can use your entries without metioning rightholders and without copyright notice.

CDSS can not sell or give away your entries or rights to others without your permission.

CDSS can edit and manipulate entries to fit their purposes.

Proceeds of sales will go to the costs of production and distribution of the calendar and part of the profit will be donated to institutions or organizations in the field of culture, environment, nature and education.

The entries should, preferably, in its content be related to the earlier mentioned subjects of: Scotland; Scotish culture; landscape, animals, people, art and life in Scotland.

September 2022 - A new deadline for entries will be notified through the website.

January 2023 - The deadline for submission of entries is 30th June.

Technical matters:


All equipment that can produce a digital image can be used: digital camera, smartphone, scanner or computer application.

Other materials:

Please do not send physical materials like paper or textiles, or even your complete kilt! If you want to enter an object like this, please take a photograph or scanning of it and send that to us by email!

Way of entering:

You can enter your pictures, photo's, drawings etc., by e-mail to 


You can send as many entries you like.

If you are one of the winners, we will contact you by email to get your information for shipping


JPEG or PNG. Please DO NOT send PDF, TIFF, EPS or other file types.


Minimum size is 6 megapixels

Megapixel is calculated by multiplying the number of vertical pixels by the number of horizontal pixels. 

For example, 3072 x 2048 = 6.3 Megapixels (for example iPhone 6s has 12 megapixels) 

Max filesize:

10 mb. Use the jpeg-format to compress the filesize if needed.


RGB colour or black and white,


The orientation needs to be 'Landscape' to fit the orientation of the final calandar. Pictures in portrait orientation will be cropped to fit the format.

File information:

Email you pictures to calendar@clandonald.org with your personal information like your name, the place you live and your country;

If needed: an e-mail address for us to answer to and update you (if different from the email you are sending from);

Description of the picture.

If you are one of the winners, we will contact you by email and ask for your postal address to send you your prize!

All personal information is stored on a secure server and will be deleted when the competition is over. No personal information will be shared with others. 

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